Beat the holiday rush: 6 tips to save money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Robert Warry



Major shipping delays so order Christmas gifts early to avoid disappointment

For most people, the few weeks before the holidays are a great time to snap up great deals and save cash on gift shopping and a few personal splurges. Then, of course, the highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are happening very soon.

However, with expected stock shortages and ongoing shipping backlogs, it may not be the wisest move to wait for these major sales events to do most of your holiday shopping. In fact, as early as now, you can implement the following tips to save yourself some dollars and from the stress of shipping delays.

1. Make a list you’ll commit to

You can purchase from the biggest sales of the year or get huge discounts but still end up overspending if you don’t have a shopping list you’ll stick to. It’s easy for a few unplanned splurges to slip between the cracks when you keep rationalising how much you’re saving per item. These can add up substantially when you do the math and ruin your budget.

2. Be on the lookout for early Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Whether you’ll be doing most of your shopping online or in-store, watch out for pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from reputable brands and retailers. After all, these overly hyped sales are simply a repeat of the usual price reductions you encounter throughout the year.

With Black Friday scheduled on 26th November and Cyber Monday on 29th November, it wouldn’t be surprising to find great offers cropping up at the start of the month. This is also the reason why stocks run out pretty quickly even before these major sales events take place.

3. Shop online

If you’re already an avid online shopper, then you’re on the right track. By opting to purchase products online, it’s easier to compare prices and deals. You can conveniently check for online reviews about the products you plan to buy and brands or shops you’ll be dealing with. Plus, of course, you don’t need to leave your home and subject yourself to the stress of hunting for items and queueing at the counter.

4. Delay checking out when you can

Another online shopping strategy that could work to your advantage is adding items to your cart without checking out immediately. When merchants are notified of you ‘abandoning your cart’, they would sometimes offer discount vouchers or coupons on their products — which could mean additional savings for you.

5. Take advantage of cashback points and rewards

If you have a card that earns you rewards or points you can redeem later, then by all means use it. This way, you not only enjoy great discounts but also earn rewards. Also, check for cashback offers on your favourite shops or use cashback apps like CashRewards, PricePal and RetailMeNot.

6. Shop a week or more after Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For holiday gift-giving, shopping before Black Friday and Cyber Monday makes a whole lot of sense — especially if you want to make sure you’re able to buy the items on your list. But for non-urgent purchases, you could delay buying these after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and still save.

And if you’re willing to push it, you could delay your purchases further after Christmas and New Year, when discount offers are still great as retailers are keen on disposing of last year’s inventory.

Enjoy holiday shopping

Shopping during the holiday season can be a stressful time and could cause a big dent in your budget if you’re not careful. Therefore, it makes sense to shop mindfully by applying the above tips.

In doing so, you could breeze through your purchases and save a few dollars in the process.


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